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Aswiebe's Market List Update


Editor's Note
I hope everybody had a lovely Halloween! Maybe you even found some inspiration from the costumes you saw. I certainly did, though I'm not sure yet what kind of story a woman with deer hooves prodding a vegan is going to turn into. Inspiration comes from the strangest places.

I encourage you to link to this post or to Aswiebe's Market List on your blog.

Here's a Halloween treat, only a couple of days late!

Aswiebe's Market List
Aswiebe's Market List is a searchable, sortable spreadsheet of paying fantasy, science fiction, and horror markets. This way it's easy to find, for example, only horror markets that accept reprints greater than 10,000 words. For more information on what it is and how to use it, see About Aswiebe.com's Market Spreadsheet. If you find it useful, please consider donating via PayPal to help support it. If you got a story published in a market you found through this list, let me know and I'll add a note to the next newsletter.

Featured Market

Quantum Genre on Planet of Arts (http://www.crossingchaos.com/submissions2) - If you're looking for a challenge, this might be the anthology for you!

Editor V. Ulea seeks submissions of short stories, flash fiction, film and book interpretations for a new
print anthology:
Quantum Genre on the Planet of Arts. Stories and artworks should meet the
requirements of “quantum genre” explained in detail in the manifesto published by
Sein & Werden
(http://www.kissthewitch.co.uk/seinundwerden/3_2/page37.html ).

Basically, the Quantum Genre is not theme-based but style-based. In other words, Quantum Works are
not about quantum theory but quantum representation of characters and their worlds. The style is
distinguished by a high degree of obscurity of both the narrative and characters which are subject to
mutability and ambiguity.

Market List Updates

New Markets

Apocalypse Fiction Contest (http://www.furtivelabors.com/contest.htm)

Book of Exodi, The (http://eposic.org/submissions/fiction.php)

Cern Zoo anthology (http://weirdmonger.blog-city.com/cerne_zoo__guidelines.htm)

Enter the World of Filaria contest (http://chizine.com/chizinepub/enter-the-world-of-filaria-contest.php)

Micro Award Annual Contest (http://www.microaward.com/)

New Dawn Fades (http://newdawnfadeszine.com/submissions)

Oceanview Short Story Contest (http://www.oceanviewpub.com/Contest.htm)

Polluto (http://www.polluto.com/Submit.html)

Quantum Genre on Planet of Arts (http://www.crossingchaos.com/submissions2)

Shine anthology (http://shineanthology.wordpress.com/category/guidelines/)

Spectra Pulse Contest (http://www.randomhouse.com/bantamdell/spectra/spectrapulseshortfiction.html)

Time in a Bottle anthology (http://www.cyberwizardproductions.com/tiab/)

Recently Deceased

Blazing! Adventures (http://blazingadventuresmagazine.com/BlazingAdventuresMagazineHomePage.htm)

City Slab (http://www.cityslab.com/)

Dog versus Sandwich (http://dogvsandwich.wordpress.com)

Oddlands (http://oddlandsmagazine.com/)

Postcards From... (http://postcardtales.blogspot.com/)

Serpentarius (http://serpentari.us/)

Storyteller Magazine

Removed Because They No Longer Pay

Androids 2

Man's Story 2

Vampires 2

Guidelines/URL Changes

Dark Recesses (http://www.darkrecesses.com/)

Dreams & Visions (http://ca.geocities.com/stanton34@rogers.com/submit.htm)

Farrago's Wainscot (http://www.farragoswainscot.com/submissions.html)

Poe Little Thing (http://blackriverpublishing.homestead.com/Poelittlething.html)

Ray Gun Revival (http://www.raygunrevival.com/guidelines.html)

Space Westerns (http://www.spacewesterns.com/submissions/)

Staffs & Starships (http://www.sheerspeculation.com)

Sybil's Garage (http://www.sensesfive.com/sg6_guidelines.php)

Necrotic Tissue (http://www.necrotictissue.com/Guidelines.html)

Whispering Spirits (http://www.whisperingghosts.com/)

Fictitious Force (http://www.sciffy.com/dnn/SubmissionGuidelines/tabid/75/Default.aspx)

Aswiebe's Market List
About Aswiebe's Market List
Abra Staffin Wiebe's main website
Abra Staffin Wiebe's blog

That's it for now, so keep writing, keep submitting, and good luck!

Abra Staffin Wiebe, Compiler of Lists

Please feel free to forward this email on to people you think might find it useful. You're also encouraged to link to Aswiebe's Market List on your blog or webpage. If you were forwarded this email and want to subscribe, go here. To report a new paying market, go to my contact page. To unsubscribe, simply reply to this email with "unsubscribe" in the subject line. But that will make me sad.
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