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Monthly Writing Update!

What I've been up to lately, writing-wise:
I'm focusing on consistency--writing every day. I find that when I tell myself I only need to write three sentences, but I need to write those first (before doing whatever else it is I want or need to do on the computer), it is much easier for me to get past that initial resistance-to-writing and I usually write more than three sentences. So yay! I found something that works for me! YMMV and of course what works often changes, but if you're having trouble getting started, it's worth a try.
Things Shiny or Useful
Archive of all shiny or useful links: http://www.aswiebe.com/writing/shiny.html  
5 Places to Get Paid to Write About Writing: https://horrortree.com/5-places-to-get-paid-to-write-about-writing/

The Mysterious Discipline of Narratologists: https://www.tor.com/2019/01/29/the-mysterious-discipline-of-narratologists/

Emergency Triage for Writers: Bring Out Your Dead: http://dankoboldt.com/emergency-triage-writers/

The rest of the market list update: Ambiguous Horror Needed (Or Is It?) and Other Publication Updates

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