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Aswiebe's Market List Update 2010-11

The next update of Aswiebe's Market List will be after 12/15/2010.

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Editor's Note
When I'm so busy with day job work that I barely have time to get any writing done, at least I can still "work" on my writing by listening to various writing how-to podcasts.

For inspiration and advice for beginning writers:

For higher-level writing discussions:

For business aspects of writing:

And the most recent addition to the writing podcasts out there is my very own MinnSpec writers group podcast, which I've just started up. These are recordings of our monthly discussions/presentations. I still need to get an RSS feed set up, but you can listen to the first session here:

I also have a story out in Northern Lights, an anthology of local Minnesota spec-fic authors. The stories include are fantasy, science fiction, horror, and unclassifiable weird--and my story, "Radiator Burped," is among them. You can buy a copy here.

Northern Lights Anthology Cover


"Tsang!" he began, opening the door. He stopped when he realized that he was looking at Michael. "Michael, sorry. I thought you were my housemate coming back. I still haven't met him. Excuse me, I was just taking a nap." He ran a hand through his rumpled hair.

"I had to work longer than expected," Michael explained as he tossed his coat onto the couch. "Forgive me? It's too late to go out, but I did pick up a nice bottle of burgundy. If you have some spaghetti and sauce, we could improvise." Michael smiled. "Next time I'll do better. Hey, those are some pretty fine pictures. You paint, right? Are they yours?"

Eric shuffled his feet. "Yeah."

Michael's smile vanished. "Do you have a pet snake?"

Eric blinked. "No. Why?"

"I thought for a second that I saw something scaly in the corner . . . my eyes must be tired from looking at legal contracts. Never mind." Despite his words, Michael squinted at the corner.

Buy Northern Lights

- Abra Staffin-Wiebe

Things Shiny or Useful

* Dealing with Writer's Block: http://www.newsfromme.com/archives/2010_08_31.html#019441
* An interesting editing exercise: http://blog.writersdigest.com/promptly/Cut+One+Word+Per+Sentence+This+Technique+Is+Pure+Magic.aspx
* The importance of structure: http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/2010/11/01/anatomy-of-a-best-selling-novel-structure-matters-part-one/

Featured Market

AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review is a new, pro-paying SF market that now accepts submissions from anywhere (though Canadian ones are preferred).

AE welcomes submissions from both established and emerging authors. We publish exclusively science fiction, though our interpretation of the genre can be quite inclusive.

The basics: SF, 500-3,000 words, no reprints, pays CA$.06/word (currently $.059/word in U.S. currency).

Market List Updates
To see all the details about these new listings and what they're looking for, as well as hundreds of other listings, go to Aswiebe's Market List and download the latest version of the spreadsheet.

Note: Realms of Fantasy has risen from the dead once more! If you had a story in the slush pile at the time of closing, please let them know if you still want them to consider it. See http://www.rofmag.com/2010/11/11/rof-fiction-help-me-internets/ for details.

Name What they want Pay Per Word – Fiction Flat Pay – Fiction (Lowest) Website
Realms of Fantasy Fantasy and unclassifiable $0.0600
Fantasy Magazine Fantasy $0.0500
Wild Passions ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 11/30/10 Male/male romance (need not be explicit) with anthropomorphic character. $0.0130
Daughters of Artemis ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 11/30/10 Female/female werewolf romance (need not be explicit). $0.0130
Clones and Crucifixes ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 12/20/10 Futuristic horror themed to demonic possession. $0.0100
Beta City ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 1/31/11 Shared world, themed to alien invasion. $0.0100
Through the Wormhole ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 3/1/11 Mondo SF $0.0100
Ghostology ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – DUE 1/31/11 Ghost stories $0.0100
Kasma Magazine SF
$10.00 http://www.kasmamagazine.com/submissions.html
Greek Myths Revisited ONE-TIME ANTHOLOGY – CANCELLED. Greek myths remixed into H/SF/F
$40.00 http://www.sonar4publications.com/gmr.html
Innsmouth Free Press Lovecraftian
$24.77 http://www.innsmouthfreepress.com/submissions.html
Reflection's Edge – DEAD MARKET All spec-fic
$15.00 http://www.reflectionsedge.com/submit.html
Futurismic – DEAD MARKET SF - no space opera
$200.00 http://futurismic.com/about/guidelines.html
Icarus Spec-fic with a gay male protagonist
$50.00 http://www.lethepressbooks.com/guidelines.htm#About_contributions_for_Icarus
io9's Environmental Writing ONE-TIME CONTEST – DUE 12/11/11 Themed to dealing with an environmental disaster.
$2,000.00 http://io9.com/5681230/io9s-environmental-writing-contest
AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review Science Fiction $0.0590
Dark Moon Digest Horror – dark, scary
$10.00 http://www.darkmoondigest.com/Submissions.htm
Escape Pod spec-fic
$0.05 http://escapepod.org/guidelines/
Trembles Horror
$5.00 http://www.tremblesmag.com/guidelines.html

Aswiebe's Market List

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Keep writing, keep submitting, and good luck!

Abra Staffin Wiebe, Compiler of Lists

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